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Daimler AG General Terms and Conditions
for the “Ey Alter” project

1. Scope of application

1.1. The following general terms and conditions apply to visits to the exhibition and participation in other offers in the course of the “Ey Alter – you can get to know yourself” project by Daimler AG, Mercedesstrasse 137, 70327 Stuttgart (hereinafter “organizer”).

1.2. The organizer has commissioned Full Moon People GmbH, Loeffelstrasse 40B, 70597 Stuttgart (hereinafter “FMP”) to process the purchase of online tickets to visit the exhibition and participate in other offers. The customer’s contractual partner is, however, solely the organizer.

1.3. Deviating conditions by the customer shall not apply unless the organizer expressly agrees on their validity.

2. Conclusion of contract

2.1. The purchase of online tickets to visit the exhibition and participate in other offers takes place in the online shop https:/

2.2. The customer can choose the respective events from the list in the online shop and place them in a so-called shopping cart with the button “Add to shopping cart”. By clicking on the “Proceed to checkout” button, the customer continues the ordering process, in which they can provide their address and payment information. By clicking on “Pay now” the customer submits a binding offer for the purchase of a ticket. Before sending the order, the customer can view and change their data at any time.

2.3. On behalf of the organizer, FMP subsequently sends the customer an automatic delivery confirmation with the subject “Confirmation of your order with Ey Alter”. The customer’s order is included again with this delivery confirmation. The customer can print it with the “print” function. However, the organizer only accepts the customer’s offer upon delivery of the booked online ticket/s by email.

2.4. The contract is sent to the customer by email and saved by FMP on behalf of the organizer.

2.5. The contract is concluded in German.

3. Prices, payment methods

3.1. Prices are listed including advanced booking and processing fees and the respective applicable value added tax.

3.2. Unless nothing else is otherwise individually agreed upon, the customer can make the payment by PayPal, credit card or Sofortüberweisung.

3.3. Should a payment be charged back, the organizer is entitled to terminate the contract and deactivate the online tickets.

4. Provision and use of the online tickets

4.1. The delivery of purchased online tickets takes place in a so-called self-printing process. The online ticket is sent to the customer per email as a PDF file and can subsequently be printed by the same. The customer can also display the PDF file with the ticket in electronic form on their respective device, as long as the bar code corresponds to the size of the code on a printed Ticket in DIN A4 format. It is solely the responsibility of the customer to be able to display a valid entrance ticket.

4.2. The ticket only becomes valid after full payment.

4.3. The customer independently confirms that they meet the personal requirements for offered discounts. The requirements for the use of the discount must be met on the day of the visit. If necessary, the customer must prove eligibility by providing identification at the entry control point. Otherwise, the difference to the full ticket price must be paid back.

4.4. It is the customer’s responsibility to verify the correctness and completeness (in particular, the event, date, time, price and number) of the online ticket immediately after receiving it and to make any claims by email or post within three working days. After the deadline passes, no claims can be made regarding the delivered online ticket.

4.5. It is prohibited to print the online ticket more than once, or otherwise to duplicate or change the online ticket for the purposes of misuse.

4.6. Unauthorized duplicated or amended online tickets do not entitle the owner to visit the exhibition. The Barcode/QR Code printed on the online ticket can only be used once and will be devalued upon entering the event venue. Multiple use by copying the Barcode/QR Code is not permitted. If a ticket was copied in an unauthorized manner and misused to enter the event, the customer loses their right to enter he event; they can therefore be denied entry to the event without compensation.

4.7. The customer is obligated to store the online ticket in a safe place like cash or conventional entrance tickets and protect it from misuse. In the case of loss or misuse of the ticket, the organizer is under no liability and does not provide any replacement. In the case of loss of the online ticket, the customer can print it out once again. However, the customer bears the risk of improper use of the lost online ticket.

5. Validity, Entry eligibility

5.1. Online tickets to visit the exhibition are valid for the duration of the “EY ALTER – you can get to know yourself” exhibition in Gasometer Berlin. Entry is only allowed once. Temporary leaving and reentry into the exhibition is only possible with prior agreement from the entry control authorities.

5.2. Visiting is limited to the opening hours of the exhibition. The opening hours are set by the organizer. The right to make last minute changes in the opening hours is reserved.

5.3. Online tickets for participation in other offers are valid for the day or time written on the ticket.

5.4. The organizer is authorized to refuse entry or end attendance to the exhibition ahead of schedule for safety reasons.

6. Cancellation of the exhibition visit by the customer

Cancellation of the online ticket for visiting the exhibition is only possible for the consumer in the case of cancellation of the event by the organizer.

7. Cancellation of other offers by the customer

The following rules apply to cancellation of bundled offers in the range of “Business” and “Education” by the customer.

7.1. Cancellations by the customer must be declared in written form. The cancellation is only valid after a confirmation in written form.

7.2. Conditions of cancellation for education bundles:

a) Cancellation earlier than two weeks prior to the date of the event is free of charge.

b) For cancellations from two weeks to one week prior to the event date, i.e. at least seven full days before the date of the event, we charge a cancellation fee of 50% of the event price.

c) Later cancellations are not permitted.

7.3. Conditions of cancellation for business bundles:

a) Cancellation earlier than four weeks prior to the event date is free of charge.

b) For cancellations from four weeks to two weeks prior to the event date, i.e. at least fourteen full days prior to the event date, we charge a cancellation fee of 50% of the event price.

c) In the case of later cancellations, we charge a cancellation fee of up to 80% of the event price.

d) If a keynote speaker was booked, they must be paid in full in the case of cancellations two months prior to the beginning of the event. Costs for the keynote speaker are listed separately in the booking confirmation.

7.4. In the case of cancellation, the event price will be immediately refunded to the customer, minus any cancellation fee. The customer has the right to prove that no damage, or less damage than the cancellation fee, was caused. Instead of cancelling, the customer can give their ticket to a third person.

8. Right of withdrawal of the organizer

8.1. The events (Business Workshops) only take place when the total participants number eight persons or above. The organizer reserves the right to cancellation in the case of a shortfall in the number of participants up to fourteen days before the event.

8.2. In the case that the service is not available, the organizer will inform the customer about the unavailability immediately and immediately refund any payments made by the customer.

9. Liability

Liability on behalf of the organizer for slight negligence is excluded, unless they have breached a considerable contractual obligation, i.e. an obligation, whose fulfillment allows for the implementation of the contract in the first place or whose fulfillment the customer may regularly rely on. In this case, liability on behalf of the organizer is limited to contractually typical damage, whose occurrence they should have anticipated due to the conditions familiar to them at the time of contractual conclusion. Liability on behalf of the organizer for damage to body, life or health, for intent or gross negligence, for the lack of a guaranteed condition or in accordance with the product liability act, is, however, not limited.

10. Notes in regard to data processing

The organizer processes the customer’s data in the course of initiation and implementation of contracts in accordance with the stipulation of the data protection policy. On behalf of the organizer, the data are also processed by FMP.

11. Online dispute resolution, dispute arbitration

11.1. The EU Commission provides a platform for the purpose of extrajudicial dispute resolution. Consumers have the possibility to initially clarify disputes in connection with their online order. The dispute resolution platform is accessible at this external URL erreichbar.

11.2. In this context, we are obligated to refer to our email address We always strive to resolve any possible disagreements with our customers mutually. We are, however, not prepared to take part in any form of alternative dispute resolution before consumer arbitration bodies. We are also not obligated to do so.

12. Final provisions

12.1. If the customer has no general domestic court of jurisdiction, moves their place of residence or common domicile abroad after conclusion of the contract, or if, at the time the claim is filed, neither the place of residence nor the common domicile of the customer is known, or if the customer is a commercial trader, a legal entity under public law or a separate estate under public law, the location of the registered office of the organizer is the agreed upon court of jurisdiction; the organizer is also entitled to file a suit against the customer at their court of jurisdiction.

12.2. If one or more of these provisions should be or become invalid, it will not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.

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