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Is the average age above 43? What is the situation at your workplace, what happens when a few young people meet lots of experienced co-workers? How are the different generations appreciated and encouraged? And how is everyone preparing for digital change? With its three business packages, EY ALTER offers specialists and managers the opportunity to rethink age and develop their own innovative demographic concepts. From passing on knowledge and providing motivating new ideas to exclusive insights into innovative work models. It is time. Take advantage of the exciting interactive EY ALTER exhibition in the Gasometer Berlin. For you, for your team, and for a successful future that focuses on people.


What future skills do we need now? Turn demographics into a “demographic opportunity”! EY ALTER offers pupils of secondary schools (Mittelstufe/Oberstufe) age-appropriate programmes in the mornings. We already know that learning is the key to success in the future. But how should we learn? An awareness for different learning types and individual strengths is essential. When you really know yourself, it is easier to find your role in a team. At EY ALTER, “Generation Z” can learn a whole lot about themselves and about the wide variety of opportunities that demographic change holds in store for them. An exciting trip to our inner selves and to new perspectives.